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Big Win Casino Promotion Coming Soon


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Due to increased traffic, the Big Win was postponed and start times are still pending.
Thank you for opting in, the ones which opted in before  18:06 04:25 PM already received the Free Spin wheel.

As promised, we are launching a new Big Win Casino Competition for the next 2 weeks :)
It will be somewhat different in setup from what you are used to, and the players that opted in below will be the ones receiving the Free Spin Wheel tomorrow morning around 11:00 CET.

The setup of the competition differs in the calculation of the Big Win. Players will be required to post 3 Big Win screenshots and the calculation will be (Spin 1 + Spin 2+ Spin 3) / 3 , basically an averaged Big Win between 3 Spins.

Stay tuned for the Promotion.



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