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Cannot place any type of bet with own cash or bonus!


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I'm at a complete loss with betway. I've deposited £100 quid and they matched it with a free £100 nice and easy until I tried to place an outright bet on the world cup. When i contacted the helpcentre thet said as id activsted the bonus from the 24th of may I had until the 24th of June to use it and any bet I put on with my own cash or the bonus would need to end before that date ( hence I couldn't bet on the outrights) with either. Crap response but I said fair enough. I'm no in a position where I cannot place a bet at all. Since I deposited my £100 pounds I've not been able to bet my money or the bonus on anything!!! The issue I have is it will not let me place a bet. I understand the play through 3 times rule and I understand the ridiculous can't bet on anything that ends after the 24th July (forget the bonus it's not letting me bet my own £100!!) I've tried to place in play bets on recent games well within this supposed month period and my wallet comes up on the betslip as empty and tells me there's insufficient funds, when there's £100 of my money and this £100 pound bonus that I've been told needs to be placed on events before the 24th July ie a match today but won't let me do that either. My question is what the he'll is going on??? I've never experienced such bull❤️♥️❤️ with any other site I've got money in my account that I effectively cannot bet and the reason I was given ie the month long promotional time is also bull❤️♥️❤️ as I've tried to bet on games the last few days with my my money ( well before the 24th jun the end date of offer) and it still shows nothing when I'm trying to bet and says insufficient funds!!?? I'm totally at a loss with this it's not bloody rocket science. I've put £100 quid In you matched it. I can't bet either on anything before or after the 24th of June which is the supposed end date of said promotion. E.g. I want to bet on a world cup game today, can I? No it says there's insufficient funds!!! Wtf!! I've never experienced this with any other gambling site! It makes no sense and the explanations I've been given don't tally up as ANY bet I try to place I've not been able to since I deposited in May! Moneys there, I just can't place a bet with my own money on sod all!!!!! Thoughts appreciates as I'm at a loss

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