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*******Extra Freeroll for you*******


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From us to you, all loyal community members:
At 19:05CET we will run "Community Loyal Members" with password: ThankYou

We will give out tickets with total value of €400, three tickets for the 100K gtd plus ten €10 qualifier tickers.
You must use the tickets won today, they will not be good for exchange.

It pays off to be active at the community. Good luck to all!! 


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@Ametrine wrote:

Pass already leaked on password forums, so it's definitely not a community freeroll anymore 😞

Yeah, maybe next time add even 0,01€ buy-in to prevent that. Or 0,1€ or 0,5€, most freeroll hunters won't pay that to participate.

Only other way would be to add tickets for active forum users only but probably was too late for that.

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