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Problem with withdrawal


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I have a problem with a withdrawal i made to my bank on the 28/5, more than a week went by and no money in sight. I contacted customer service by mail and explained my problem and attached my bank statement. They mailed me back and said they made a case with the deposit guys reference id: 15507617. Yesterday the money returned to my unibet account and i received a mail, customer service asked me to contact my bank and ask them why the deposit bounched back.

I contacted my bank and there are no problems on there end, they where kind of confused as to why unibet where blaiming them for the problems with the deposit. They told me unibet should have received an error if the deposit failed. So what am i to believe? was it just a fluke? should i try again? I should say that i made 6 withdrawals in maj and only the last one didn't make it to my account.

Before i try another withdrawal, could one of you guys look into this case?

Thanks in advance



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Hi @Snuden, thanks for contacting the Community with this issue.

I had a look at our internal communication and I see that one of our colleagues inquired more information about why your withdrawal was returned to your account. I'll be sure to update you as soon as we have word back from the payment providers.

It is indeed strange because the previous withdrawals are on the same method and I too see them successfully processed and not returned.

Nothing stops your withdrawal from being processed on our side if you request it now, however I would suggest to wait a bit until we can find out what happened exactly. Would that be ok?



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Talked to my bank again, there is absolutely nothing in the systems that shows they stopped my withdrawal from Unibet. They don’t know anything about the regulatory reasons error that you guys reported back to me. This needs to be fixed ASAP... 

What am i supposed to do now? Nobody will admit that it’s there fault. Should I just try again and hope it was a weird fluke that my money didn’t reach my account.

I expect you guys to take this case very seriously now and it needs to be sorted immediatly!

i also replied to Ray in a private message.

thanks in advance

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