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Re: Tournament Bug


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this is so enoying, I just decide to trust the app again... and now a bug like that... message telling me download need to take several minutes depend on the connection come on why this app is having troubles like that

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Hi @boxas, I'm sorry to hear about the bug you experienced. I've moved your thread to the Bug and support section to make sure it's dealt with as soon as possible.
From what I understood you had a disconnection problem, and after I think you mentioned having to update the app? Not sure about the last part.
Nevertheless, could you please have a look at your poker history and let me know the ID of the Tournament you experienced the disconnection? I'll make sure it's going to be looked at.
Furthermore, in the case that you experience anything out of the ordinary in the future, there is a thread here, explaining what kind of details are usually required when reporting a bug.


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