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Poker tournaments connections issues


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On three occasions I have been in tournaments with various amounts of chips left and it just cuts out and does not let you get back to the table.  I am still down as a registered player but will not load me in again. I did not leave the table or was timed out!

Any had/ getting similar problems.

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Hi @Hammy17 and welcome to the Community. I'm sorry to hear about the connection issues, I'll gladly investigate what happened for you.
As a first step, did you try deleting the client and re installing it? There was an update not so long ago and if it didn't update automatically then the issue might be tied to that. 
If you did and still experiencing these issues you can find a complete explanation to what's needed here. Did you take any screenshots by any chance, they would certainly help in tracing any error that might have occured. Once we have that I will involve the relevant people to investigate this for us.
Also, I have moved your post to "Bug reports" for a better chance of having this resolved ASAP.


Former Community Moderator
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