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Poker - Payout structures


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Hi all, 

I'd like to suggest some changes to the payout structures on Unibet.


Standard freezout is good the way it is and rebuy aswell. These are structures commonly used  in the sector.

Re-entry should change tough. I feel like a re-entry tournament should count each entry of a player as an individual entry. So having 50 players and 50 re-entries should have a prizepool division reflecting a freezout with 100 players -> 12 players paid instead of 6.

This should be the main difference between a rebuy and a re-entry, otherwise these 2 are just the same (okay rebuy often has a add-on in the end)

Personally I also feel like the first place prize for a bounty MTT could be a bit lower, compared to the other places, as they also win the extra bounties, but I think there are plenty of players who like it this way :p

Finally I'd also like to suggest an "extra" MTT type wich has an overall flatter structure and is marketed this way. E.g. a 25% players paid tournament. Having Unibet as the main player for recreationals I think this could have a lot of succes :)


Then I think that cash freerolls should get a flatter payout structure. Certainly when it are rakeback reward freerolls. Having the usual 12% paid (sometimes even less) is actually not fair for bad players. They rake as much as good players, and loose a lot more. Then when they can play a rakeback tourney they once again can't win, and the good players get even more profit.

I'm suggesting a 1/5 or 1/4 players getting paid.

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