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" Description
Cap up to 20cm, hemispherical, then convex, flat convex or flat, more or less viscid, darker in the center, paler towards the margin, beige, pale brown, brown to dark brown, sometimes greyish, not blueing when bruised. Stipe club-shaped, cylindrical or sometimes tapering towards the base, bulbously swollen or rooting, white or whitish to pale brownish, with well defined network, not blueing when bruised. Flesh white, sometimes spotted brownish at the stipe base, rarely somewhat pinkish below the cap cuticle, unchanging when exposed to air. Tubes initially white, then cream, pale yellow to yellow with olivaceous tint, unchanging when exposed to air. Pores concolorous with the tubes, unchanging when bruised. Smell not distinctive. Taste not distinctive. Spores 12.0–19.5 × 4–7 μm, ratio 2.5–3.9. Pileipellis (the cap cuticle) trichodermium of interwoven septate, slightly gelatinized hyphae. Cells of the hyphae long cylindrical, not incrusted. 

Habitat. Coniferous, mixed and broadleaf forests, mycorrhizal with conifers – spruce (Picea), fir (Abies), pines (Pinus), or with deciduous trees – beech (:cathappy: :heart: :cathappy:us) and birch (Betula). "


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