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Observer-button to tables


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As the UOS is coming in fast, the qualifiers are running massively, and everybody's eager to get as much tickets as they can possibly get. Unfortunately from the perspective of players that are there to start the games, the most unfair thing that often happens, is that it's possible to take the advantage from late-registration and seeing the situations when people goes all-in at the bubble-phase.

Obviously, if the late-reg needs to be there in qualifiers, there's not much you can do about it. Sad as it is.

But it is possible to make the situational awareness fair and equal for both sides. For the observers that seeks to jump in at critical seconds, and for the playing players sitting at the table.

Add the Eye-button to the tables.

Or whatever sign fits in it. It doesn't need to be big, if you take a look at the replay-button for example. As long as there's an option/possibility for sitting players to click a button, or direct chance too see the amount of observers watching the table, it doesn't matter. That's probably the only way how you can make the situation even between the active players, and the players about to exploit the game's structure.

This should work for all the tournys that has late-reg. Not just qualifiers.
Let's make the games fair and less annoying, Unibet.
You can do it! 👍🆒

P.S. If this is not literally a method of increasing PLAYER-safety, I don't know what is. 😏

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Funny. While I was typing the last post, wanted to do that in real time. 😏 
Of course one needs to play the hands, and the lvl between the closing of late-reg and the rebuy-phase gives a small bumper towards completely brutal expoits, but still crazily easy. The smallest stacks don't have much idea how many players are about to join in, now do they?

Got it with one bullet 🤣.

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