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Day 3 begins


27341605097_b03cbedbbc_o.thumb.jpg.bcf72de4303088f95a50b7bed1e62ae1.jpgGood afternoon and welcome to the final day of Unibet Open Malta hosted here at Casino Malta.


27344448667_64d798f8a6_o.thumb.jpg.67198845a565c84c63ec35e3c51fc5fe.jpg273 players entered over the course of Day 1A and 1B and we are now down to the final nine who have locked up €5,750. However, their eyes will be on the trophy and more than €60,000 for first. 

Here is a list of the final tablists with their chip counts:

A B - 2,043,000

Julien Stropoli - 1,648,000

Henri Piironen - 1,070,000

Kristof Segers - 993,000

Jan Eckert - 638,000

Daniel Jacobsen - 586,000

Roberto Morra - 557,000

Ilkka Heikkila - 335,000

Nicolas Ludwicki - 304,000

Updates will be given in accordance with the live stream on Twitch which will be on a 30 minute delay. 

You can watch the stream here:  http://unibet.me/12hQH

Good luck to the final tablists!


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Early double for Morra!


27344452817_97b19a0925_o.thumb.jpg.bcd94498deb040027a8fe91bc727c058.jpgWe have had an explosive start here in Malta, after chip leader A B was on the wrong end of cooler and a subsequent million chip pot. 

On just the second hand of the day, B raised A♥️ A♠️ and Roberto Morra flatted T♥️ T♠️.

A flop of 3♣️ T♦️ 7♦️ spiced it all up, as a c bet from B resulted in a raise from Morra which resulted in a shove from B which Morra snap called.

The turn and river brought 4♣️ 5♣️ and Morra got the start he would've hoped for. Moving up to over 1,000,000 chips while B took a hit to his stack, down to around 1,500,000.

Watch a clip of the hand here: https://tinyurl.com/y82kdoze

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Lost one


28339183048_63be0b0fa2_o.thumb.jpg.e366cacdcf5323bdd429d8addd1992bd.jpgWe are down to eight players here in Malta, after Frenchman Nicolas Ludwicki couldn't run up his short stack on the final table.  

He got his last 267,000 in with A♣️ 9♦️ after Julien Stropoli opened the CO with J♠️ J♦️, Stropoli snap called the reshove.

Board: J♥️ Q♦️ 6♣️ T♣️ T♦️

So we lose Nicolas in 9th place and he takes home €5,750 for his efforts.

Watch a clip of the bustout here: https://tinyurl.com/yb9h4zgo



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Double up for Jacobsen

Daniel Jacobsen has doubled up to over 1,100,000 chips here in Malta, as A B's day just keeps getting worse and worse.

After B raised A♣️ K♥️ in the CO and Roberto Morra flatted A♦️ Q♠️ on the button, Jacobsen thought he'd found a perfect shove spot in the BB also with A♥️ Q♦️. He shoved for around 527,000 at bb24,000.

Unfortunately for him, B had him dominated and reshoved, which resulted in Morra folding his A♦️ Q♠️ face up.

It was a turn to remember for Jacobsen as the board came:

6♦️ 7♣️ 6♠️ Q♣️ 4♥️

So a two outer hit for Jacobsen and he takes even more chips from A B who started the day as chip leader, but now finds himself under a million chips after starting the day with over two million.

Watch the hand here: https://tinyurl.com/y84fthvr

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Morra gets his kings cracked

After being fairly active for most of the final table so far, Robert Morra opened K♦️ K♠️ from early position and Jan Eckert reshoved 590,000 at bb30,000 with K♣️ T♣️.

He was in terrible shape but the poker gods had other ideas. A board of: 6♥️ 5♥️ 6♣️ 3♣️ A♣️ saw Eckert score the double up with the back door flush and double up to over 1,200,000!

Players are now on a 15 minute break.

 Stream: http://unibet.me/12hQH

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We lose Heikkila

We are down to seven players here in Malta.

After being short stacked for quite some time, Ilkka Heikkila has finally busted the main event after he shoved 360,000 with Q♠️ 8♠️.

Unfortunately for him, Julien Stropoli woke up with A♠️ K♥️.

Board: 4♠️ 3♥️ T♥️ A♣️ 6♣️

So Heikkila was dead on the turn and Stropoli scooped the pot to take his stack over 1,500,000. Ilkka Heikkila goes home in 8th place for €7,100.

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Two knockouts in quick succession!

In the blink of an eye we are down to five here in Malta, after we lose both start of day chip leader A B and Belgian Kristof Segers.

B busted after he reshoved 5♥️ 5♦️ against a late position open from Henri Pirronen. Unforutantely Piironen had Q♣️ Q♥️.

Board: A♦️ 6♣️ 8♠️ 3♥️ 3♠️ meaning Henri's queens held and we were down to six. 

A couple of hands later we then lost Segers after he shoved T♦️ T♠️ and Julien Stropoli called with K♣️ Q♦️.

Segers looked set for the double up on 8♦️ 5♥️ 9♠️ 2♥️, but the Q♥️ river put and end to his main event dreams and he finishes in sixth place. 

B takes home €8,870 and Segers €11,140. A great result for them both. B will be disappointed however finishing seventh as he started the final table as chip leader. But that's what can happen when the cards don't go your way.

With five remaining, players now have €14,600 locked up. Henri Piironen leads with over 2,200,000. Catch all the action live on Twitch here: http://unibet.me/12hQH


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We lose Eckert

We are down to the final four here at the Unibet Open Malta final table. Jan Eckert has busted in fifth place earning himself €14,600.

Here is a chip count of the final four:

Henri Piironen - 3,320,000

Daniel Jacobsen - 1,860,000

Julien Stropoli - 1,660,000

Roberto Morra - 1,350,000

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Stropoli loses a big one


41508642004_33ef2c70bd_o.thumb.jpg.c02ce8c28f89ad747e30f52e27a1f753.jpgJulien Stropoli has just given around 1,000,000 chips to Daniel Jacobsen after what seemed like a set up board. 

Stropoli: A♦️ Q♠️

Jacobsen: 6♠️ 6♣️

Board: Q♦️ J♠️ Q♥️ 6♦️ 3♦️

So a miraculous turn for Daniel, as he now boasts a stack of over 2,700,000.

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Double knockout and we're heads up!

After being four handed for the last hour or so, we are all of a sudden heads up here on the final table of Unibet Open Malta.

Roberto Morra and Julien Stropoli were both knocked out in spectacular fashion when Roberto shoved, Julien re shoved, and Daniel Jacobsen reshoved over them both!

Roberto Morra:    A♣️ 6♥️        Julien Stropoli:   A♦️ Q♣️              Daniel Jacobsen: K♥️ K♠️

The board came : 2♣️ J♥️ T♥️ Q♠️ 7♣️ meaning that Daniel scored the double knockout and took the slight chip lead.


41508642724_c7a59fda5a_o.thumb.jpg.a8e222c8a7d993ebc51494d0012cfe43.jpgDaniel Jacobsen and Henri Piironen are now heads up for the trophy, and the €60,090 up top! 

Chip counts:

Daniel Jacobsen - 4,565,000

Henri Piironen - 3,625,000

GG to both Stropoli and Morra, who finished in third and fourth respectively.


Julien Stropoli - €18,980

Roberto Morra - €25,630


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Timely double up for Henri!

Henri Piironen has been handed a well timed double up to get back up to 2,300,000 after an onslaught from Daniel Jacobsen in the early stages of the match.

Jacobsen has been on a roll since heads up started, being dealt hand after hand after hand.

In this hand, Henri finally got a chance to get some chips back as his Q♣️ Q♥️ held against Jacobsen's A♣️ 3♥️ on a board of Q♠️ A♥️ 2♦️ K♠️ J♥️.

Play continues.

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Jacobsen is the champion!41488502634_0ccc2e5a3f_o.thumb.jpg.db1759e59c208f791050ed970f0510c8.jpgIt was never going to go any other way!

Daniel Jacobsen is the Unibet Open Malta 2018 Main Event winner and takes home the trophy and €60,090.

Everything seemed to go Daniel's way in the heads up match as he continued to pick up hands and win pots to the dismay of Henri Piironen. Not to take anything away from the way he played though, as he was a strong competitor throughout the whole competition. 

Well played to Henri Piironen who will be disappointed he couldn't get the win but can't be mad at a 2nd place finish and a payday of €37,160.

The final hand played out as follows:

Piironen raised the button for the minimum with J:Clubs: 3:Clubs: and Jacobsen defended with Q:Diamonds: T:Hearts:.

A flop of Q:Clubs: 7:Clubs: 8:Diamonds: was always going to result in fireworks.

A c-bet from Piironen resulted in a raise from Jacobsen, which resulted in a shove from Piironen with the flush draw and Jacobsen called.

The turn and river came 4:Hearts: and K:Diamonds: making the board: Q:Clubs: 7:Clubs: 8:Diamonds: 4:Hearts: K:Diamonds: and that meant that Daniel Jacobsen was the winner.

Here is the list of the final table positions and payouts:

1st Daniel Jacobsen - €60,090

2nd Henri Piironen - €37,160

3rd Julien Stropoli - €25,630

4th Roberto Morra - €18,980

5th Jan Eckert - €14,600

6th Kristof Segers - €11,140

7th A B - €8,870

8th  Ilkka Heikkila - €7,100

9th Nicolas Ludwicki - €5,750

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Unibet Open Malta 2018 - Round up & thanks27341605097_b03cbedbbc_o.thumb.jpg.e322eda62fa14135d2e7876994919fce.jpgAfter an eventful but also tiring few days here in Malta, it's finally come to an end. So many highlights and enjoyable moments, including 41334407735_9185664bab_o.thumb.jpg.ec787114c175c4a3d2a69e2a98bc625a.jpgthe community tournament, the players party last night and of course covering the main event.

Congratulations to all those that made the final table and extra congrats to the eventual winner Daniel Jacobsen who wins the trophy and €60,090. 

Well done to all those who cashed or won all of the side events, and well done to Daiva Byrne for organising another successful ladies event. 

Congrats again to Daiva Byrne and Lisa 'STPeach' Vannatta for winning the Tag Team event, and to Scott 'Sco' McMillan on winning the eSports Battle Royale.

A big thank you to all the Unibet team who helped make this event possible, and for inviting me back to do this blog once again. And to all the dealers who have spent the last few days doing nothing but dealing for you guys!

And last but by certainly no means least, a huge thank you must go to you guys - the community. You're the reason I do these updates and I hope you have enjoyed the coverage over the last few days. Well done to @triceraatopp@KrustyTheClown and @FeelsBadMan on your cashes in the main, it was a pleasure covering and rooting for you guys!

But thanks for tuning in, I hope you enjoyed the blog this week, and I'm always open to feedback to try and make it better for you guys.

Hopefully see you next time!



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