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Unable to add-on in re-buy MTT's


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This happens pretty often. When i register to a re-buy MTT just before registration closes, i'm sat alone at the table and forced to wait a minute or so until the start and then the end of the add-on period, without the option to make an add-on. If other people also late reg and are sat to my table, they seem to also not be able to make an add-on.

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Yes, I experienced this and it pretty much ruins all your tournament..(refunds should be issued in such cases, but I don't bother knowing how much hassles are to be expected).

As for the players without add-on, I doubt all or many of them are affected by this. Probably they are playing with their last money as this is more common at €1 and €2 buyins. Some other having big stacks prefer to save the buy-in which is stupid in most cases.

Also 2-3 days ago I experienced another add-on bug: forced to switch to the net-client(disconnection crash) there was add-on dialog-box although I've just had made it :wonder: I clicked on it almost sure nothing will happen, but the add-on was sucessful. Too bad it was some of the €1-€2 MTTs. My thought is if this bug is something common the players aware of it will have advantage over the field with so many chips gained in unethical way... I regret that didn't take a screenshot to help the investigation.

Which reminds me that I'm waiting for crash/bugs issue to be resolved a way too long, but almost gived up on it 😞

Apparently the tech-team can't resolve these problems otherwise they would have launched improved new version of the client...


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Hi @O0@GothMoth,

Thank you very much for reporting this issue. We are aware of that some players are unable to make add-ons in some situations and I'm glad to report that we do have a fix for that which will be implemented next release (next week). If you guys are able to send me a PM with the tournament ID's where you were experiencing issues I will gladly have a look and see if we can issue a refund.



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