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Unibet doesn't verify my account! Please HELP! ! !


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unibet refuses to veify my account and credit a free bets at all cost with no explanation!  1.Official letter from local Council tax with my address was rejected

2. Bank statement printed at branch was rejected

3. A letter from talktalk was rejected

4. Printed utility bill rejected

Now unibet asked me to print a bank statement at branch with official bank stamp! 

Can't belive  it for real, they doesn't want new customers!  

If unibet member read it please sort it out as Im not wasting any more of my time with customer service. 





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Hi @Beata and welcome on the community!

We have many security measures in place and specific demands of how and when documents can be approved. We absolutely love getting new players on Unibet, but in order to ensure both their security and our own as well against possible abuse of our bonus and promotions - this is why it's ultimately so important for us to confirm a player having a real address and thoug I realize it's a bit of hassle when documents aren't approved, it is indeed a necessary step and also required by us as we offer our services in regulated markets.

I checked the case and had a small chat with a Player Safety analyst about it, here's where were at:

1) The council tax letter to me looks fine, but the analyst pointed out something on the letter which could indicate it isn't real. To be sure, we've asked you of an alternative document for the proof of address. 

2) The same goes for the TalkTalk bill, we cannot verify the authenticity, but on how it looks the Player Safety department won't approve it.

3) The utility bill we can't approve because it's printed and not sent.

4) We'd love to approve a bank statement, but to confirm the authenticity we just kindly ask that you have it stamped at your local bank branch. It should be no problem for the bank to give you this document stamped, and when you get it you're welcome to notify us of it here and we'll have the Player Safety department have a look soon as possible.

I really don't like telling you, that we can't approved this or that document because we fear it's not real and want to be sure even though I personally have no reason to think so, but that is the lay of the land because of aforementioned reasons.

Best regards,


Former Community Manager
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