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banned from promotions


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A few weeks back i got an email saying i had been banned from promotions and offers.

This was due to the merge with Stan James as i had been banned or restricted on their several years ago.

I didn,t keep the email though and wondered  if it applies to everything including poker. I haven,t played on the site since the email but was just looking at the world cup poker promo where you have to complete missions to unlock teams. It looks pretty good but not sure if i would be eligible or not.

Could someone please let me know if i am. I don,t want to start completeing missions if i,m not eligible




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@joebanan, I double checked and indeed there was an error during the StanJames migration which affected your account as well. The settings have been re done, however the error wouldn't have affected your Poker activity in any way. You have been opted into Best Odds Guaranteed though, that's good news.

There are no Promotion restrictions on your account whatsoever either.

Let me know if you do experience something out of the ordinary.

@FeelsBadMan, thanks for again for the tag.



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