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Disconnection problem


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Hello, i've excepienced at least 3 disconnections yesterday, while playing tournaments. It said "disconnect detected, attempting to reconnect...", but it never reconnects, even though my internet is working fine and poker tables on other poker platforms are running ok. 

I had to manually close and reopen the program and re-login. Since there is no time bank in Unibet, you are sit-out almost immediately and loose equity, even if it takes only a few minutes to get disconnected, reopen and relogin. Not to mention the equity you loose on other poker rooms, while dealing with this.

Could you tell me if it safe to play on Unibet today and in the near future or is there a possibility that this will repeat?

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The disconnect problems...it's a problem that all of us players face so the equity we lose yes it does suck but I've seen disconnects worked as a blessing in disguise before 👼

There isnt a time bank as you're probably accustomed to maybe over at PokerStars. But the idea of a time bank you can check the Ideas section of the community and determine if someone has already posted that idea or if not you can suggest it.

Will the disconnects continue in future? I can see it happening in the near future as per the frequency I can't say.

But the UB Client has been consistently on the upgrade and the customer service is really nice especially if you're a comm.member.

I'm sure the guys will one day have that disconnect issue properly sorted but know this it affects us all but we still good :atisfied:

Hope youre happy with the response

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Hi @O0, first of all apologies for the inconveniences caused by these disconnections. We are aware that it happened a couple of days ago and even though I am not sure if completely fixed yet, the reports have stopped and the poker department is doing it's best to refund all players affected.
Even though it would be impossible to predict a disconnection, the guy's over at poker are working hand in hand with our Poker Platform provider (Relax) in eradicating these annoying Bugs.
If disconnections happen, we are more than happy to issue a refund and would like to offer you that possibility as well.
Could you let me know the Tournament ID or the Hand ID of the table you were playing at the moment of the disconnection? I will be sure to send it over to be analyzed and a refund to be added.

@Shoryureppa and @Livertool :) Cheers for the intervention guys. Very much appreciated. 

Former Community Moderator
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Same thing hapened to me, I use the browser because de plateform does not work at all, I can't see the cards there. I got disconnected a few times on the browser yet my other poker rooms were working you fine. I only get disconnected on Ub

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@RayL wrote:

Allrighty @O0, I'll try to have a look myself and inform the the guys over at poker about an eventual refund :) will be sure to update you as soon as I have an answer.

I wanted to open a bug on this as well but luckly someone was faster.

I'm sure the technical departament is on it but another confirmation on the issue might help.

Once the client disconnects you it does not reconnect you back unless you manually close and reopen the client.

This issue was not present like 2 or 3 versions ago.

Thank you!

Better to be lucky than good.
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