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Ice Giant ticket problem


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Hello, i won two tickets to the Ice Giant booty in the middle of last week, and they both had an expiration time of two weeks. Since last weekend the Ice Giant bounty wasnt scheduled, one of my tickets will surely expire before i have a chance to use it. I will use one this sunday, i am already registered, but could you please extend the other one?

I know the ticket extension through community site stopped, but hopefully this is an exception, both tickets came from a promotion and i had no means to play both of them cos of the scheduling error.

PS: I hope it wasnt Odin, then my tickets are as good as dead.


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@Casthaneda I'm sorry to inform you that you will have to give the second ticket to me... As I am a person who can play on sunday.

The only thing you still have to do is post following message.

@JeppeL or @RayL, I hereby declare that you can issue one of my 2 Ice Giant tickets to @VikingsAF, without any strings attached."

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Hey @Casthaneda, the ticket is extended :)
The new policy indeed limits us in extending any tickets, this is the reason that most of the issued tickets now have a longer expiration date, but there are some cases, like yours in which we are more than happy to help out.
Thanks for leting us know.


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