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Where are the freerolls?


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The 11:05 UK time Omaha freeroll was not in the schedule yesterday. Its not in the schedule today. Thats one of my favourite i play almost everyday, together w the 17:15 one, even when i have enough BR on my account. But now i checked also those i dont play all the time. I see there is no freeroll at 21:05 (UO), and at 15:05 (omaha) also. Is it an error what was not fixed during holidays when everybody was out of office, or Unibet offer less freerolls? Yep, i know there are still plenty, and way more than on other sites, but Unibet used to promote the site w hourly freerolls. (and if its an error, good you know) @JeppeL@RayL

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