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I was registred to a shooting star bouny tournament but could not login after a disconnection. Unibet`s pokerprogram has done it again.... I have lost several euros in my efforts to play poker here because of this bad behaving pokerclient and demand a compensation for it .

NOT a pokerticket. I want real money because I´m NOT going to play poker here anymore. I have had enough of this "pokerclient"Image1.thumb.jpg.cd2bc16ee5a6a5f7368f8ffb626fc8c5.jpg

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It´s all in there.
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Hi guys, first of all, appologies for the inconveniences caused by this disconnection, we are aware that quite a few players experienced it and it is being investigated what exactly happened. I have attracted the attention of the Poker Department to this thread and asked for more info regarding refunds. I will get back to you as soon as I hear from them.


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Hi guys,

First of all, apoligies for the issues we had. I can confirm that we had for around one hour issues that involved all Relax products (Poker and Casino).

From what I'm aware of, tournaments were not cancelled because players who were online at the time were not kicked out from the client – they were able to play.

However, in a case like that where you were already registered and couldn’t login in time, you would be sitting out unfortunately.

Could all of you that had issues during that time period please send me the tournament names/IDs that were affected?

I will then look at each case individually and refund the buy-ins in cash (when paid cash) or in tournament tickets (where tournament tickets were used).

Once again, apologies for the inconvenience caused.



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@psrquack: Freerolls are non-refundable in this case, no.

@Camilio: I've credited you a 1 EUR premium to your account, from what I can see the €150 Shooting Star Bounty was the only tournament where you had issues.

Once again, sorry for all the troubles caused, we are working closely with Relax regarding the disconnection issues we are having currently and hope to get it fixed asap, trust me it's not just annoying for you guys :)


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@Patric-Unibetplease help me with this too,I made another post the other days ,but no answer.

I got disconnected playing,couldn't login for almost an hour and want a refund for the following:

1e-150 shooting star bounty

5e-750 multiverse

10e-5e entry and 5e addon-500 multiverse

25e-3000 deep impact

I added a screenshot with the tournament ID's. Thank you!



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