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Re: the poker chit chat


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This happened in an sng today... I decided to bet small on turn or river, and won the hand. LOL!

Then I tried hand history, and I actually had a flush. 

But in all seriousness - My concern here is, this shouldn´t happen. It affects "everything" in the game. If played differently I would have gotten more chips from the opponent, and that changes the rest of the game. What if I bust and he end up in the money. 

The result here was I got paid: 2nd place. Maybe 300 more chips would have been the difference between €15 and €30. 

I think any minor or major glitch that has an impact on the game should have a buy-in money back guarantee, whether you end up in the money or not. 




How many ways can you polish up a turd?
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Did you try to close the table and re-open it? Usually these missing cards/chips/bounties has happened when it's the first hand at the new table or at the beginning of the tournament.
Sucks everytime tho, and clearly still happening unfortunately. Thought those were already fixed 😞
(There's a whole bunch of those at the bug reports, check it out if in case something similar has happened)

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This was in the middle of an sng - and only happened that one time.

No more bankroll after todays sng adventure. ALL the worst BINGO-PLAYING, UNTALENTED DIMWITS are GRINDING today, along with ALWAYS running into a fish who happened to hit two pairs on the flop, or a set when I have overpair, or a runner runner straight, AS USUAL, when I have three of a kind or Aces. There´s just no fold button it seems, for these VERY TALENETED BEASTS!

Just as I write this I´m playing my last €2 and I get a straight with my KJ on the turn, no flush on the river, other guy bets out and I reraise hard only to see him show a full house. 

So, this is goodbye Unibet. I´m done. Can´t make money here either. It´s just donkfest all over. 

When I get the refunds for disconnection problems, if that EVER happens, I will try one last time to build up again, but it´s just BS. 

Wont happen... 



How many ways can you polish up a turd?
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@RedHotChiliP, I can asure you that the issue was forwarded to the poker department and the refund will be making it's way to you as soon as it's compiled and analized what the loss is.
Sorry to hear about the bad beat though, it can take the wind out of somebody's wings, I get that. 
A break is alway's good and even advised if you feel that your luck is just not working for you, I am sure you are aware of our Resposnible Gaming tools found here, but is in my duty to provide them to you nonetheless. Let me know if there is anything that is unclear, and in the meantime I'll be sure to update you with the refund request.



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