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Head-to-head - Sportsbook T&C


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If two or more Participants share certain finishing positions and no odds have been offered for a drawn outcome, the odds are divided by the number of participants sharing those certain positions and are settled accordingly. The payout will always be at least equal to the stake, except in cases of “Head to Heads”
B.2.5 A "Head-to-Head" and/or "Triple-Head" is a competition between two or three participants/outcomes, originating from either an officially organised event, or else, as virtually defined by Unibet.
B.5.19 In a "Head to Head" between three participants and more than one winning outcome, the odds will be divided by the outcomes sharing the winning position, irrespective whether the net outcome is lower than the Account Holder's stake.

Example: Mark places a €10 bet on Thomas Müller to become the top scorer in the Euro 2016 / National European Championship to the odds of 8.00. Together with Oliver Giroud, he made a fantastic Euro performance, leading both of them to the top of the scoring table with 9 goals each. Since there was two players who managed to win become top scorer of the tournament, we’ll divide the odds of 8.00 on Müller with 2. Mark ends up with an odds of 4.00 = €40 payout.

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