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Why was my bet voided? Sportsbook T&C


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Voided bets
Unibet reserve the right, at its own discretion, to declare a bet void, totally or partly, if it is obvious that any of the following circumstances have occurred:

- Bets have been offered, placed and/or accepted due to an Error;
- Bets placed while the website was encountering technical problems, that would otherwise not have been accepted
- Influence Betting;
- Syndicate Betting;
- A result has been affected by criminal actions - directly or indirectly;
- A public announcement has occurred in relation to the bet which alters significantly the odds.

"Error" is a mistake, misprint, misinterpretation, mishearing, misreading, mistranslation, spelling mistake, technical hazard, registration error, transaction error, manifest error, force majeure and/or similar.
Examples of errors include, but are not limited to:
bets accepted during technical problems that would otherwise not have been accepted;
bets placed on events/offersthat have already been decided;
bets on markets containing incorrect participants;
bets placed at odds that are materially different from those available in the general market at
the time the bet was placed;
bets offered at odds which reflect an incorrect score situation; or else,
odds being clearly incorrect given the chance of the event occurring at the time the bet was placed.

Admitted – we’re not perfect. There is a risk you’ll face a situation where your bet gets voided and sometimes it can be caused by a mistake from Unibet. Technical issues, wrong participants in bet description or an obvious mistake in the odds can occur, and we know it’s annoying to get a bet voided even though you didn’t do anything wrong.

Being an online bookmaker requires a lot of attention to any change in the market. Supposing a tennis player gets substituted in a double match due to an injury, we need to update the participants in the bet description immediately to avert any voided bets on the match. If it happens in a minor tournament, we might not always get the information in time before you place a bet on the wrong participant, which can end up with you having an invalid bet. Or if we don’t manage to update a live odds instantly, it can lead to you betting on a team that just scored and you think you’ve placed a great bet to a high odds – later on you notice that the bet is voided, because the odds you got was set for the time before your team scored the goal. It’s obviously not convenient which is why we try to lower the amount of voided bets caused by a mistake from our side as much as possible. We kindly point out that we void any bets placed in a situation as described above so either if you would’ve won or lost the invalid bet, it will get voided.

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Hi all,

this bet on the Southampton player was voided some hours ago..I expected to get paid,he made 16 appearances for Southampton this season,and scored zero goals.Could you please explain the rules / logic behind cancelling this bet?

best regards Jan

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Hi @Hibbertscores 

If I read the rules right, he should have played on 19 ( 50% ) of matches for the bet to stand. :sad:

"25) In a single player performance bet offer in a specific domestic league (such as Total Goals Scored by Player X in League Y) or "Head to Head" bet offers involving two players’ performances in domestic leagues, should any of the following occurrences happen to either of the participants in the selection list, the bets will be considered void: (i) does not take part in at least 50% of the stipulated matches (excluding eventual Play-offs/Play-outs/Post-season); (ii) does not take part in at least another match after the bet has been placed, (iii) totals the same amount as the other player."


You'll find this on the sportsbook rules on page 18: 

Section B: General betting rules / 5. Result settlement / 25




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