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Weekly Surprise - Week 15 choices


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If the value of the spins can be changed I'd like either 10 euro on Dead or Alive or on Gonzo's Quest

Otherwise you can go for Bloodsuckers (since I think that is the only one with 50c stakes of the Big Win comp?)

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Below the list of players and where they find their free spins :)
I a in a bit of a pickle with Gonzo's quest since I can only set the value at 0.40 or 0.60 so I added 25X€0.40 Free spins to those who chose this slot, and Dead or Alive doesn't have any possibility to add exactly €10 so the ones who picked this slot received 23X€0.45 on the same slot apologies for any inconvenience regarding this.

@testuser1 - Gonzo's quest
@cris1285 - Starburst
@Darkangel7 - Bloodsuckers II
@FreedoM - Dead or alive
@GothMoth - Bloodsuckers II
@HeavySickZero - Dead or alive
@jerry - Starburst
@jonny2192 - starburst
@Livertool - Scruffy Duck
@Messwithme - Gonzo's quest
@Merenitsu - Wild Wild West
@FeelsBadMan - Bloodsuckers II
@psrquack - Bloodsuckers II
@Purps - jack Hammer 2
@SCOBY - Wild Wild West
@steppek77 - Starburst
@TTABKATA - Wild Wild West
@VikingsAF - Gonzo's Quest
@GR1ZZL3R - Bloodsuckers II
@loky and @Mark3- Still pending your preference in a NetEnt slot.
@RushbieUniversal Monsters: The Phantom’s Curse
@Shoryureppa - Bloodsuckers II

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