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Mailbox in poker client


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Good point, I never saw a message there, even though I had unread new message on the unibet website, poker related messages. I could also be used to tell you when you receive some sort of bonuses for sportsbook or casino, whatever, I never see those, could be useful for x-selling with the other sections, definitely more than the casino buttons. 

Also in the future if we ever get the option to favorite tournaments maybe we could get messages there that one of our favorite tournaments got modified and how, or got removed, or hey check out this new addition to out tournament schedule. Probably would be pretty useful both for the players and for promoting stuff and could be semi automated in the backend if the devs are feeling generous, like every time you would modify a template you have a send message to players checkbox that you can tick (default unticked) and can edit it, but something default would be generated with the data in the template and what changed. 

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