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Technical Problem


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Happens to me all the time at most times its not an internet issue.

But I believe is a client crash issue. You will not be logged out of your game. 

If using internet browser:

Just close the browser and log back in and on a successful login in you will jump right back into your game.

If using the client: the same applies close the client and re-login.

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Hi @0dividedby0, sorry to hear about the disconnection and I'll be more than happy to assist you further.
In order for me to be able to sent this to be analyzed, the poker department will need a Poker_log found in: C:\Users\******\Documents\Unibet Poker and a Direct X diagnostic which you can send to contact@unibetcommunity.com
Did you loose the ticket that you used for that tournament? We would gladly re add it if so.


Former Community Moderator
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