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So from what I’ve come to understand that today’s poker players are very diverse and though they spend a little or a lot of time during online play after that they pretty much have ordinary lives (or so I hope). 

Which brings us to Martial Arts, I am a student of the arts and I’ve done a bit of traditional, introductory Krav and now pursuing an Art that is based on Modern Survival techniques. 

I would like to open this topic to fellow Martial Artists to share their thoughts, opinions and even training advice with myself and others. 

Also please let us respect each other’s Arts and not get into the “which style is better” discourse because in my humble opinion at the end of the day it ain’t the art but the practioner of the Art. 

Cheers and looking forward to some responses. 

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Nice, don't know Krav. Is it similar to some other kind of 'more known' art? :)

Actually I already thought many times of learning some art (Kung Fu was the original idea), because I have these concentration problems, which I feel could be controlled by that kind of training :) (Also I am really interested in Eastern Culture and their way of living, because for the concentration only I could do some other, easier stuff :p)

Is that true? Or am I completely wrong?

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First of all I will not give any advice since there is almost no more "Art" left in the diffrent way of whatever you wanna call it.....also because I wont since almost evrything I started with a verry long time ago had one purpose only: Kill the fastest and most effective way as possible (army and alike).

Later I have done some that you can call MMA but not what you see as MMA, it would best describe as diffrent styles, Taekwondo, Muy Thai , and what they do teatch you when you serve in millitary, then of course something that dont have a name but learned as a family thingy...

For those who want to learn basic to advance Art and self control I suggest a "Asian" style who use Honor, something like Aikido or if possible become a "Munk" that you can in diffrent SE Asian countrys....I do understand that many dont get that but I talk about become a real one, who stay in a "Wat" far away from a city or alike in a jungle or mountain, there is a loot of them, they will teatch you the Art of it, self control, meditation and so on....

If you wanna be a "holligan" just join any MMA club...no brain no pain :p

MMA is not about Honor or Art...millitary combat training is not either...

Remember that any of whatever fighting style you choose, it can be deadly even for the novice who use it IRL.

It is so easy to kill but to live with it is a total diffrent story, accident will and can happend....remember IRL and a movie is not the same.

That you will understand when you trained so mutch that it become a way of life, same as when a "bug" bite you , you will automatic just wipe it of you, same with any training it become a reflex, so I do recomend to train some severe self control, you are responsible for any action.\ outcome.

Sorry for bad english and gramma..not my native language but hope it got the basic covered...

I do support any training just as mentioned I do hope people could learn more selfcontrol also, so anyway enjoy it :)

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@VikingsAF Martial Arts depending on your instructor can aid with concentration as most styles require it to learn katas etc. 

An art I can recommend for you is Tai Chi it’s great for flexibility, self healing through movement and will definitely help you concentrate by keeping the hyper self down a little. 

@Zipfil Agree with your point as most people fail to understand that martial arts aren’t really so much martial ( war like) anymore as most practioners function in a civil society. However it has continued to maintain that traditional household name but not really “martial” in essence. 

Recently I’ve had the privilege of learning some Koryu Arts and at its heart those are very much martial indeed as they are true battlefield arts of their time. 

I hope you guys continue practicing and strive for peace rather than war through training discipline the mind to destroy the war of words and training the body to endure any ensuing physicalities ;)

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No #slapfighting, no care! Martial arts at its best, the pinnacle of Polish culture!

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