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support is terrible


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Thats me finished with uni bet. yesterday i got a bonus playing away happily on my favorite slot next the bonus dissappears

get email to say they made a mistake about bonus due to a glitch  so they gave me a £10 bonus which i did not get

emailed uni bet five times yesterday got no response the support on this site is terrible.😠

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I'm very sorry to hear that @mandy1966, I'd still very much like to clear up the situation and help you out, so here goes. 

First, let me apologize for the original bonus being sent out and then subsequently cancelled - it was a genuine error and the bonus was added to a group of unexpected players by mistake. It's never a good thing to send out a bonus and then cancel it not too long after and as such we wanted to give a bit of compensation to all involved - which leads me to the message regarding your bonus.

I haven't seen the email that was sent out personally, but I've been told that what was mentioned in it was a £10 FreeBet - I've checked and it is there available on your account, though it has to be activated through the Sportsbook. You can have a look here for a guide on how to use it: https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Unibet-how-to-s/How-to-use-a-Free-Bet-or-a-Profit-Boost/td-p/7749 :)

Lastly about your emails to customer support, could you let me know which email address you've been sending to? I checked with the UK Customer Support Team Manager, he said their response time has been within a couple of hours in the last few days, so he checked and they haven't received anything from the address registered on your account. I'd very much like to clear this up, as I fully understand the frustration of not receiving a reply, but at the same time, there isn't much the Customer Support agents can do no matter the cause, if they don't get an email in their inbox.


Former Community Manager
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