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First deposit bonus problem


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Hello, i tried to contact Unibet support regarding 200 euro deposit bonus, in hopes to try and find some sort of solution for 140 euro bonus increment, but my english e-mail got redirected to my local support, which didn't understand what was i asking for, my bonus expired in the meantime. I then tried to contact UnibetDavid via PM on 2+2 forums, but didn't get a reply. I'll try to post my problem here.

I failed to clear the last increment of 140 euros of my first deposit bonus (i cleared half of it and got nothing). I saw that bonuses are being revived and extended on 2+2 and unibet community forums. UnibetDavid wrote in 2+2 Unibet topic, that starting from 16th of April, players will no longer be able to ask for this, so i'm writing this now. Please revive and extend my last increment of my deposit bonus, so i could finish clearing it. Big thanks in advance!

Best regards

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Welcome to the community @O0 and thank you for letting us know of this! I'm adding a new bonus for €150 a €10 extra for the inconvenience you've experienced so far. 
Tecnically I can't change the level of progress on the bonus, so I have to ask that you please let us know when you've reached 55% play through and we'll release the bonus manually :)

All the best,


Former Community Manager
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