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Lost in translation and rugby rules


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Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

let me tell you a short story about the troubles of translators and the rules of rugby. Last friday I have tried to figure out the meaning of this bet type:


I looked like Winne the Pooh and checked another game if I could find the solution of this mystery. I found this one:

rugby1.thumb.png.e456abdffb4187fe76ce31804959eae6.pngOoops, it seems this bet has 2 different translations, so I have contacted with my local live chat agent and asked for some help. Agent A. was extremely busy and after I was waiting a while she told me that the sportsbook guy can help me at the moment but she will email me with the answer. I was wondered that no one from the sport department can interprete a bet type but I thought it's Easter so they are on holiday. I asked the Live Chat Agent today again because I didn't get any response from her. The long and unnecessary procedure started again. She didn't remembered her promise so I should gave the infos again. She asked the people around her but again nobody couldn't help. I tried to ask her about the original, english sentence but she was powerless again. So after one hour useless chatting (last friday and today) I wasn't closer to the solution.

But I didn't want to give up and searched for a live rugby game and checked the original, english betting offers:


Mystery solved.

Conclusion: figure out in which things livechat can help you and in other things try to find the solution yourself.

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