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Bonus Points Tourney.


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Not sure if this has been asked before but why is there no bonus point tourneys?

I am stuck with 30 bonus points for months which are useless as the minimum you need in the bonus shop is 100. I am sure i will not be the only player with an odd amount left.

There could be a tourney with a 10 bonus points buy in, Max 3 buy in like the 1 euro uo tourneys. Paying 100 bonus points to the winners which then could be spent in the bonus shop or play more to buy a better prize.


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Or maybe somehow make tournaments accept the equivalent bonuspoints as buyin? Then you can play anything you want with them, no need for something special, but maybe it's tough to do, hence the shop with tickets.

How about some super small tickets for the nanos/step-it-up/uo centrol (mtt tickets for simplicity) in the bonus shop? That should be doable right?

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@penguin50 Its because I have informed Unibet how carefull you are with money(read as penny pincher :) )
by making you keep the 30 bonus points they know will never stop playing till you find away to get that money out of them. 🤣 🤣


I like @FeelsBadMan idea of being able to buy into the centrolls with the points and maybe adding centroll tixs to the bonus shop would be a workable solution.


Ideas and bugs go in this section https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Idea-exchange-and-bug-reporting/ct-p/bug_reports_ideation


You can exchange UO tickets again all is unicorns and rainbows in Unibet land.
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Hey guy's

I've asked the guy's at poker about any news regarding implementing nano buy in's in the foreseeable future.

Also there is a fairly easy step in this month's mission, not allot of points to be honest but can serve as an adjustment in some cases.

Nevertheless :) we'll hear their thoughts on this soon.


Former Community Moderator
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