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SNGs rufund after technical issues (Sunday, 1.04; 23.09)


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I experienced technical issues during the play of 4 x 25 e SNGs and 1 x 10 e SNGs (Sunday, 1.04; 23.09). I immediately conctacted with the support. I am attaching transcript below:

[23:11:18] Wayne: Hi. Welcome to Live Support! My name is Wayne. How may I help you today?
[23:11:18] You are joining a chat with lukas
[23:11:18] lukas: disconnetcion
[23:11:36] lukas: hi i am disconected from poker software
[23:11:42] lukas: during the game
[23:11:49] lukas: any problem with the software?
[23:12:14] Wayne: Hello Lukas
[23:12:38] Wayne: Unfortunately we are currently experiencing technical issues at the moment
[23:12:45] Wayne: The issue has been reported and our IT department is currently looking into it       
[23:12:57] Wayne: We apologize for the inconvenience caused           
[23:13:47] lukas: ok, what will happen with affected tournaments and sng?
[23:14:31] Wayne: These should be refunded during the business department


On the next day I talked once again with the support and I was told that I will get refund in 48 h. After five days (today) I contacted once again. The person I was talking with haven't got any clue about the situation and asked me to send screenshots by email to the support. So if I am talking through the chat everytime with a different person it is hard to solve the problem. I believe you guys @JeppeL@RayL will speed up the process. 

As I said before 5 sngs were affected. I am attaching screenshots of the hand history from the software with a first hand after disconnection of every single SNG. 



I had:

3440 chips in a 25 e SNG (3 handed), 

1940 chips in a 25 e SNG (4 handed),

3925 chips in a 25 e SNG (5 handed),

1885 chips in a 25 e SNG (5 handed),

918 chips in a  10 e SNG (5 handed).


I was't the only person experiencing such a problem. The community members talked about it here: 



I do believe You will calculate the correct amount of refund accourding to the ICM model. I am pretty disappointed that I had to put so much afford to give as many information as I can when the problem appeared on Your side and the support disregards such a situations.  



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Here you will find way more adequate response and the solution is better and hassle-free - not like in the chat or even emails.

Personally when I used the chat most of the agents were getting on my nerves :laugh: And when you have to repeat the problem over and over to every new one it's getting maddening. Actually I've chatted once with a guy who resolved my issue or at least gave my quick and correct answer and the others seem to have auto-mode dealing with various issues. The other thing is that they don't have enough privileges to deal with the problem and have to pass the info to the relevant departament...

Even in the emails miscommunication is very often or simply they didn't answer :wonder: I have sent them reply to a bingo-bug with detailed info they requested, wasted time and money and there is no response for over a week :speechless:

On the other hand the mods here are the exact opposite 😃

I have the feeling that the guys here do more job than the entire support 👍

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Hi @loky sorry to hear about the issues encountered.
The screenshots will help us pinpoint the disconnection thank you for that I will be sure to send them over to be analyzed and for your refund to be issued. :)
It is standard procedure to provide a Poker log and a Direct X diagnostic in order to fully understand the root of the Bug, could I ask you to send this additional information to contact@unibetcommunity.com and tah me in a response here when you did?
Rest assured we will get to the bottom of it and thank you for bringing this to out attention :).


Former Community Moderator
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I lost about 10-12 2EUR tickets in this situation. I want to say Thank You to @RayL for e-mail. Ray really tryed to help. But I was not so shrewd and didn't save screenshots, didn't make chipcount, didnt have Windows logs (MAC OS here...) etc. My english is not fluent.  And if this situation cant be solved automatically, I have to say fold. This post made to help @loky and to avoid similar issues in future. 

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