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Refund request


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I was plaing  4euro SNG's as usual, but disconnect happened. My own connection was perfect. I tried to login a few times - not successful.


I lost some money due to the disconnect on your side. Here is the list of the games:

1) sg5f1acf 

2) sg5f1ad0

3) sg5f1ad1

4) sg5f1ad3

5) sg5f1ad4

6) sg5f1ad6


I'd like to request refund according to my tournament equity in this games. Some of the games was already in the HU stage and other were three-handed.

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Editing my latest reply @Inkout.
Could you send you poker log file and a Direct X diagnostic to contact@unibetcommunity.com and mention "Poker log (Ray)" in the subject and I'll be sure to pass it along to the poker provider for analisys and refund?
Here's where you find the requested above requested data:


Former Community Moderator
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