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The reason there's no chat is because it's rarely used to discuss anything positive. Usually filled with insults after badbeats (Which can induce Tilt) , opens the possibility to collusion, & spam. With no chat, everyone is on an equal playing field.

I debate
Should I smile like everything's good and pretend that life is great
Or should I let the world see the real me and not hide this pain
I tried to be like the rest of y'all, sorry I just can't
I'ma probably die this way
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@ZlatsBack wrote:

Poker is a social game, removing chat is absolutely ridiculous. Only joined the site but i will not be staying.

@ZlatsBack welcome to the community! :)

I agree that poker can be a social game, but I don't agree that it has anything to do with the in-game chat some of our competitors offer. I've a hard time recalling the last time I saw a proper conversation in the chat at stars - I've seen a lot of abuse on the other hand.

You can be social on the community, and there're also a lot of Twitch streams where people from the community hang out (below a few of them). If you're really playing poker for the social experience, you should play the community league. In these community league tournaments you play against other community members, and you can talk about the hands etc. here on the community as well as in the Twitch chat - I'm not sure who'll be streaming the tournament on Thursday, but I'm certain someone will.





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