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Big Win Casino Tournament. Grand prize €2000 Unibet Open package


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 Hi gang 

As mentioned in the The Malta Community Rumble  Poker promotion, we would like to get as many Community members as possible to come down to Malta on May 16th, play some poker, meet us and have some fun so here it goes :)

This edition of the Big Win Casino Slots tournament will stretch over 3 weeks and is featuring 10 Slot Machines of your choosing as discussed in the pre launch thread.
Promotion starts from 8th of April to 26th of April and the Grand prize for the biggest win made from one spin posted here in this thread is a €2000 Unibet Open package including your flight ticket , accommodation at the InterContinental Hotel and your buy in for the main Unibet Open event.

Here's how it works:

  • Get a Big Win on any of the slot machines mentioned bellow in "Eligible Slots" .
  • Post a picture or a screenshot of your Big Win Spin here in the thread below within 24 hours of the spin being made.
  • The player with the highest single spin multiplier wins a package to the Unibet Open Malta. E.g. if you make a spin of €1 and win €100, your winnings have been multiplied by 100.
  • Spins made on the qualifying games between 8th of April and 26th of April will count towards the promotion.


1. €2000 Unibet Open Malta package
2. 250 X €1 Cash Spins + 1 seat to Community Unibet Open Rumble Final
3. 200 X €1 Cash Spins + 1 seat to Community Unibet Open Rumble Final
4. 100 X €1 Cash Spins

5. 50 X €1 Cash Spins



1. @Messwithme: 3420.4 Multiplier Screenshot
2@whereisrivaldo: 1.204.5 Multiplier Screenshot
3. @GothMoth1082 Multiplier Screenshot
4. @Nospheratu1,040.75 Multiplier Screenshot
5. @Purps : 705.25 Multiplier Screenshot

Eligible Slots:

Book of Ra Deluxe 6
Book of Dead
Dead or Alive
Bloodsuckers II
Vikings Go Wild
Twin Spin Deluxe
Gonzo's quest
Piggy Riches
Sakura Fortune

Rules, terms and conditions:

 You must play on one of the qualifying slots to take part in the promotion.
 You must post a picture or screenshot showing your Big Win in the thread.
 The screenshot or picture must show the real coin and bet value as well as the winnings.
 You must play the maximum number of lines.
 Your screenshot must be posted within 24 hours of the spin being made.
 Any spin made on the qualifying games, from :Cash1:cash:Cash1: or Free Spins count towards the promotion.
 The package can only be used for Unibet Open Malta 2018, unless you have already qualified for Unibet Open Malta 2018 by the 26th of April.
 The Free Spins will be available on any NetEnt Slot of your choosing.
 General Unibet terms of service apply.
 We reserve the right to change or amend this promotion at any time.




Community Big Win Raffle:

If you tried to make it to the leaderboard and didn't succeed, well here's an extra chance for you :)
Make sure you play at least 20 spins on the maximum number of lines during the time of the Big Win promotion (8th of April to 26th of April) and let us know down in the comments stating that you did so, we will add you to the raffle list for the chance to win 25 Free Spins on any NetEnt game of your choosing.

Also please note that the raffle Idea was added after we had the nano guessing competition, so the total prizepool guess was genuine at the time, we just decided in the meantime to add a bit more value for the ones that don't make it to the leaderboard :)


-Final leaderboard placeholders are excluded from the raffle, 
-You must have played at least 20 spins on the maximum number of lines in order to enter the raffle.
-Only spins made on the above mentioned slots count towards the raffle.
-A comment in this thread informing us that you made at least 20 spins is required.
-Final chance to enter the raffle list is 30th of April 08:00 PM.
-Raffle will take place 1st of May.
-10 Commnity Members who respected the rules of the Big Win competition will be rewarded with 25 Free Spins on any NetEnt game of their choosing.


 Leave your request for the preffered NetEnt slot here.

 Your Positions in the raffle:



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A bit of help if you're new to slots.
As it's about getting the biggest win on a single spin, you want to play games with a high volatility and max win. Below my recommendations:

Book of Dead
Book of Ra Deluxe 6

Sakura Fortune

Vikings go wild
Dead or Alive
Bloodsuckers II

Gonzo's quest
Twin Spin Deluxe
Piggy Riches

It's easy to loose faith in games like book of dead and Matsuri, but if you've got the patience, you'll get wins like this: https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Community-Promotions/Slot-of-the-week-Matsuri/m-p/80126#M15927 - multiplier of more than 1300 in free spins :)


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@desinere, it's not about which slot you've personally been lucky with, it's about the frequency of really big wins (+250 times the money) and the likelihood of getting a win that could win this competition (likely going to be around 600-1000 multiplier, if not higher) :)

Piggy Riches gives quite a lot of wins around 20-50 times your money, but +200 in multipliers are very rare.

But please try Piggy Riches, then I'll try Book of Dead ;)

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i had to search it in my history cause i played like 4 hours in a row and this is all i got ,at the end they took it again played them all at 30 ct and got nothing anymore so i had 1 from 46 euro and yesterday 1 from 64,95 euro

and can you please add me to the raffle cause i made like 500 spins prob more and you can check my historyits wayyy more, i always play max lines, im dutch so kinda hard to change my language settings to prove , i bet you can check it in my history.thx a lot

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I think that there is a decent chance for 1-2K multilplier if using the gamble to the limit like he did.

I gambled only twice and now regret it :laugh:

not agree,   In this game i hit two times without gamble aprox x1000.   It;s stupid gamble x500 win to get x1000 or more... In unique  bonus you have chance to hit more  with top  symbol or second one...  But Fullscreen symbols i had on Anubuis/Birds and lower, with 2-3 retriggers bonuses are sa tasty,  even on A's  or K's.

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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sure::)  I forgot mentioned that One line explores  gives you x500  instant,  couples weeks ago, i hit full line second symbol with 3 Books, This game has moments... I sonus still waiting for juicy bonus with Explorers ... at least four of them in two spins:)

"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises."
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