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Lately Unibet has been disappointing


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1)  You had login problems with the site 2 weeks ago - many people couldnt log in for more then 24hours  (there were posts here on community and 2+2 forums). No replies from your community moderators. Few days later (the problem was fixed by then) one of the threads finally got replied  from moderator and he linked me to "How to report a poker bug thread".  

2) You still have chipdumpers on your site. Its all cool that we can report them to a thread on community or to live chat, but it doesnt help. I played on tuesday night 01:00 CET and later i think and got raped again by those leeches. Lost total 3buy-ins and was MAD.


Went to live chat when the dumping was happening - he reported it to poker department or somewhere and told me they cant do nothing because no one is at work (i get it, it was night time).  Next day i got an email with many thanks and with the knowledge that the chipdumpers accounts are banned. 

I think that it would be fair to confiscate the funds from chipdumpers accounts and refund the players that lost in these situations. 


Your community is slow. Its like really-really slow. It used to be fast.

I still havent got reply to my ticket exchange post from sunday. People are waiting for results in the Poker results thread for weeks.

Because the ticket exchange here is so slow i thought maybe live chat can help me faster. 

To first live chat mister, i said two times that i want NL20 BANZAI ticket. I even said the highest stake you have for Banzai. I got 20€ ticket to NL5 Banzai 

Then i went to live chat again and informed them that they made a mistake and told again what ticket i wanted.

Today i had NL20 Banzai Omaha ticket in my account - YOU DONT EVEN HAVE THAT GAME ANYMORE UNIBET :teardrop:




Your quality of service has been bad and slow lately.

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@123 Thank you for the feedback!

I've been trying to test the community dynamics in certain situations, sometimes with success, and sometimes like with the aforementioned login issus, with no sucess. I've take the feedback on a missing response to heart, but the thread presented itself in a way that gave a unique chance of testing if that very response from my side was needed and I see both from yours as well as Comanimal in the thread, that it should be done going forward no matter the circumstances. Here was the thinking behind my (missing) action:

1) The issue hit a relative small number of players and I don't think more than around 10 members in total reported, though still very clear that everyone was experiencing the same.

2) The thread was posted at 7:11 PM CET, with a member asking if others were having the same troubles loging in.

3) Two minutes later at 7:13, a second poster confirmed(this was you yourself) that there was indeed an issue and that he had been in touch with customer support about it - who said it was already reported and there was nothing to do but wait it out. The information I could've provided in the thread would have been exactly the same - but the opportunity I saw was that information had been given by a member to the whole community so fast, I thought it was pretty cool and decided to see if the thread could be "solved" by itself, meaning that all relevant information would be given by members.

4) From that point, I was monitoring both the thread and updates on the issue, and I just didn't have any information that hadn't already been provided like "the client will hopefully be back up in 5 hours". I didn't receive any information before the issue had actually been fixed and it was again reported very shortly after in the thread by a member, that it now seemed to be working again.

Because I claimed the thread in the back office and didn't release it again, Ray I don't think ever saw the thread. And forgive me if I'm wrong here, but I can't find it where he directs you to a "How to report a poker bug thread", but I do see your post in the thread and Ray responding to it a few days later like he wasn't previously aware there had been an issue.

The poker chip dumping we're aware off and I believe we have some changes coming that should finally put the matter to bed. Because of the way the chip dumping is done which is easily exploitable, it's rare that players ask for compensation upon reporting it. If we we're to go in and do a sort of move were we erase all the play done within the dumping, we'd also have to remove the winnings when the dumping ends up in players who aren't part of it actively. The time and energy spent on going through that individually we think is better spent focusing on measures that'll remove the issue. I think we're getting very close on that and we've seen a big decrease in reports than e.g six months ago.

Regarding your missing ticket exchange from Sunday, it's unfortunate but you we're hit with what we call the "double post bug":
Ray did Sunday's ticket exchanges on Wednesday in the evening as he always goes from the back of the que. But when you respond to a thread, it goes to the front page and that is not something we can change technically within the ticket exchange board. You updated your own exchange request thread and thus it went to the 1st page, putting yourself in the back of the que again in our imperfect exchange board. I wish we could make it technically so that didn't happen, but when doing this kind of service on a forum platform these are some of the obstacles we face and sometimes lead to a worse experience.
Though far from as fast as we used to be in the past where there were two guys doing the exchanges, Ray still get them done usually within a few days and considering that this is an extra service we offer, I don't think it's unreasonable of us to focus more on players who has one or another type of account problems - which we've seen a lot of recently, especially with the StanJames migration - And on that part of the community(the help and support boards), the threads usually aren't so well described as your own, making the process of getting and delivering the information much more time consuming - but we really are trying to make sure that everyone gets a piece of our time no matter if someone needs a ticket exchange, wants to give feedback on a casino game we don't have, or is asking for an odds request because they want to place a special bet, etc. 


Former Community Manager
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Hey Jeppe, thanks alot for your long and thorough explanation about everything.

I still like Unibet and will continue playing here, was just a bit frustrated about some things. The icing on the cake was getting tickets exchanged wrongly 2 times and getting a ticket to Banzai Omaha - a game you dont even have anymore :laugh:

Have a great weekend!

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IMO any general issue with the site, whether it's for everyone or just certain countries, should have some sort of official communication about it, even if there's no extra info, a we're aware of the issue and expect it to be solved in a certain timeframe from someone official does put peoples mind to rest a bit, rather the confusion and panic when only users respond, especially since some users like to respond without fact checking or give overreacted panic responses sometimes.  

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