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Hey there,

I have played casino games and took part in this promotion https://www.unibet.ro/promotions/casino-promotions/cash-free-spins

I think i qualified for a prize in this period  14-15 and i didnt received those spins.

I also finished on a paid position on this period 16-18 and i didnt received any prize.

I alrdeay contacted chat support and they told me they will get back to me via email.They didnt.

Also  played some live blackjack when you had the saint patrick promotion .Win a hand when you have 17 and get your winings doubled.I remeber winning a hand like this ,but i dont think i got any bonus.

Can you please look into this?

@RayL @JeppeL

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@Messwithme, I had a look at the request created by customer service and on the period of 14-15 March you finished on 349th position, only the 300 being credited Free Spins according to terms and conditions.

On 16-18th March stage you finished on 16th position and the amount of 100 Free Spins were added on 19/03/2018 18:00.

On the 19-20 March stage you were on the 76th position and the Free spins should be credited within 72 hours of the stage ending.

In the 5th stage you are currently occupying the 12th position and it ends tomorrow :).


Former Community Moderator
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Thank you,

I received yesterday an email from the support team.They told that i finished under 300 and they left me a link to the verification process,telling me that i have to verify my account.Now,i already provided you with all the documents you requested,i made deposits/withdrawals,i remember having a pop-up saying the same thing in the browser like 10 days ago and yesterday you ask again for documentation? What is this? Why are you doing this?I sent him this screenshot though hoping i wont get this kind of messages again.Its frustrating.


Can you also look into the saint patrick blackjack promotion?


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@Messwithme Due to the new legislation that's on the way for your country, this message is standard in all outgoing emails at the moment, just to notify people and make them aware of a possible document request. As you say, your account is already verified and necessary documents sent in, so please disregard the notification in the last email from Customer Support :)


Former Community Manager
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