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Withdrawal Times


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Hi @Jademc, this is a very good question, I'll try and shed some light on the withdrawal times and our internal processes.
Financial transactions within Unibet's systems, if there is no pending verification on an account which is your case as well, take only a couple of hours to process. In the case that the withdrawal was requested late at night there is a strong chance that it will be approved and paid next day early morning/ afternoon. As we work on weekends as well the weekend doesn't realy affect our transaction times, but this goes for our internal processes only.
From the moment your withdrawal was forwarded to your bank, the processing times are out of our hands and are entirely up to your financial provider, which usually takes 3 to 5 buisness days
The withdrawal times on via debit card are between the quickest, but there is a chance that your withdrawal will be credited only on Monday since the bank doesn't work on weekends.
I would advise you to contact them on Monday afternoon if the funds are not in your account, and if they cannot trace it, let me know and we will gladly start a tracking process from our end :)
Let me know if I can provide you anymore information.

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