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E2000 E10NL flip


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HI, @RayL @JeppeL what happend with this tournament. It shows me that i finished in the money but i didn't received any E10NL ticket and the table is still open.Untitled.thumb.png.e385898aaefae50191fc8a3736ee59b5.png


 By the way the tournament still runing for 24 minutes now.

Thank you for your help!

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We have an update from the poker team.

The E2000 E10NL Flip is still being investigated and we should have an update and payout today consisting of 10NL 10 tickets.

 For refference this is the official Poker Cancelation Policy:

"53. The tournament had started but was not yet in the money. All players remaining tournament will be refunded their tournament fee. The remaining money is split into pools. The first pool will be distributed equally between all remaining players. The second will be distributed between all players in proportion to their chip count. If the tournament paid out tickets or seats, the prize pool will be converted to regular distributed accordingly. If the tournament had a guarantee or added money, this will be distributed as normal."

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