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Risk Free Bet


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Hi, @JeppeL @RayL

Yesterday i had a bonus in my account,a risk free bet.

I had to fulfill some requirements in order to release it.

I contact the support team and they tell me its ok,just hurry because its gonna expire today.

So i place some bets,i make those requirements, and then i activate the risk free bet.

I placed a bet which turned out to be a loser and i did not receved money back.

I reach the support team and they told me that the freebet expired at 22:17,my  live bet was placed at 22:23 so i dont get the refund.

Is this for real?How was i able to activate the risk free bet in the first place?Is there anything you could do?

This is the cupon id.1367184139


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Hi @Messwithme, I had a look at your account and the bet with ID 1367184139 was placed after you accepted yet another promotion, cancelling the Risk Free Bet bonus.

The bet placed as a risk free still being in progression when you activated your second Bonus on 14-Mar-2018 09:30:00 deleted the Risk Free Bet Bonus basically.

I have added you a 10 euro Free bet as a goodwill gesture from the Community :) and have a look at the thread bellow explaining the mechanics of a Bonus like this.


Let me know if I can provide you with anymore information.

Former Community Moderator
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Hey there ,

First of all thanks for the freebet,i apreciate your understanding.

Second,your story doesnt match with the one told by the chat agent.If we are going by her side then i have missed my risk free bet with a few minutes and acording to your terms and conditions i shouldnt receive the stake back,wich would be completly correct but not quite fair for me.In my oppinion this is exactly the case where we need chat support/human interaction,where a software/machine fails us, a human should understand and show some compasion and understanding,as you just proved by giving me that freebet.

Now if we are to consider that you are right ,in my defense i have to tell you that i didnt had any other bonuses into my account or least not a visible one.What other bonus did i have and i missed it?

My intention is not to be rude or dissaprove/argue with you, just want to be clear and completly honest so this way we wont face this problem again in the future.Not only for me but for all of us,i ,myself learned a lot by reading/acknowledging other customers problems.

Thaks you!

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@Messwithme, Honesty is something I personally value and I am here to help you understand what happened.

The Bonus indeed expired while the matches were still being played. The information I provided you with above is not completely accurate since you did opt in a promotion on the 14th but it couldn't have deleted your bonus, I am talking about the one bellow:


It took me a couple of hours to dig into this and completely wrap my head around what realy happened but it seems I cracked it :)

Given the circumstances of my personal mistake and the fact that only a couple of minutes separated the bonus successfully completing, I've assigned you the value of the bet as well.

I apologize for the back and forth you had to go through to get a better understanding of this, I hope this clears it up a bit.


Let me know if there's anything I missed or if I can provide you with anymore info.




Former Community Moderator
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