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Problem depositing and withdraw


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Hi, I have some problems when i am trying to deposit or withdraw. It says that you need to chech you verify your acount and load up the documents. But when I check on the verify your acount page their are no documents. It only says "Everything is clear", their are no documents and so on. What should i do?

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Hi @Lui420 and welcome to the Community :)

There is a block which gets created after 3 failed deposit attempts. These are standard security measures and there is nothing to worry about though :).

I've deleted the block and you are good to go. I did notice that your security codes used when depositing didn't match and that is why your bank declined the transaction.

Could you double check your CVV code and make sure that you are using the 3D Secure payment security step (the code that you receive via SMS from your bank).

As for your withdrawal, with the removal of the blocks you are free to withdraw your funds as well.

Let me know if I can provide you with anymore information.

Former Community Moderator
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