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CL Community Supercharger - To score or not to score


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With a 1-1 result in the bag from Stamford Bridge, the pressure in on the top Barcelona forwards to produce a goal in tonight's match vs Chelsea FC in order to get their team through to the next round! As a community member, you may place a stake on either Messi or Suarez on either to score, or not to score and unite with the community for a chance to boost your odds up to 10 times + a €10 Live Free Bet to use for the match! 

Qualifying Bets:

Goal scorer: Lionel Messi: To score - Not to score  

Goal scorer: Luis Suarez: To score - Not to score 


Here’s how it works:

1: Select Lionel Messi or Luis Suraz to score a goal, or not to score a goal and place a bet of at least €1 stake - or the equivalent in your local currency.
You are welcome to place whatever stake you like, but a maximum of €10 will count towards the promotion.

2: Post a screenshot of your coupon in the thread before 8:35 PM CET and we’ll tag it for an online raffle – maximum number of players is set at 40 - the raffle will be posted at 8:40 PM CET where we'll draw one(1) winner.

3: No matter the number of participants, we will supercharge one player's odds by 10 times and add a €10 Live Free Bet to be used for an in-match bet.

4: If the raffle winner also wins on his/hers coupon, we will add the prize as bonus money with the amount depending on your initial stake, no later than 48 hours after the bet has been settled.


Terms and conditions in spoiler:

  1. To qualify for this promotion, your bet must be posted as one of the first 40 members before 8:35 PM CET.
  2. You bet must be placed as one of the correct qualifying bets for the promotion.
  3. The winner of the raffle will receive the difference between the bet winnings and the odds boost as Free Bonus Money.
  4. The Free Bonus Money will be added for the player within 48 hours.
  5. Your bet cannot be cashed in, by doing so you will forfeit your potential boost.
  6. As a raffle winner, you can only receive the Free Bonus Money if your bet is won.
  7. Your selection must be placed with your own funds – Free Bets or Bonus money does not count towards the promotion.
  8. Unibet reserves the right to cancel or amend this promotion at any time.
  9. Unibet general terms and condition apply at all times for this promotion.
  10. Unibet reserves the right to limit stakes and change prices at any times.

Note: This type of exclusive community promotion is still in beta testing mode, so please feel free to give any feedback you'd like :)


Former Community Manager
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Note: This type of exclusive community promotion is still in beta testing mode, so please feel free to give any feedback you'd like :)


Easier rules, still don´t get what that fbm rule is if winner wins the bet (feaver for 3 days might affect of thinking capability, or not :Rofl:)

I believe the additional 10x boost will be payed as bonus money.

So in your case you would win 9*€1.84 fbm on top of your regular bet win.

Get well man :Thumbsup:


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€5 Free Bet

   .-^-.                     .'=^=^='.                    /=^=^=^=^=\            .-~-.  :^= HAPPY =^;          .'~~*~~'.|^ EASTER! ^|         /~~*~~~*~~\^=^=^=^=^=^:        :~*~~~*~~~*~;\.-*))`*-,/        |~~~*~~~*~~|/*  ((*   *'.        :~*~~~*~~~*|   *))  *   *\         \~~*~~~*~~| *  ((*   *  /          `.~~*~~.' \  *))  *  .'            `~~~`    '-.((*_.-'                       




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