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Missing Deposits


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I would like to remind you that I've made two unsucessful deposits yesterday 30BGN and 50BGN and they are still not processed. I deposited to skrill later so the problem isn't with epay.bg, but WorldPay.

There seems to be a processing error between WorldPay and Unibet. I emailed salesforce@worldpay.com  almost 24h ago and received an automated response:

" Thank you for contacting Worldpay.

A new case has been opened under reference 01186700 "

and below:

"The Service Portal is here! You can now raise and manage your cases, live chat with your Worldpay support team, and access our rich new library of help content."


But I can't login or register

I've made several phone-calls too, but no one answer.


Would you be so kind to ask yours payments department to contact WorldPay in order to resolve the issue ?


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Finally a response from WorldPay, but it's not a promising one:

Dear Shopper,

Worldpay is unable to assist our Merchants customers (shoppers) direct.
If you're attempting to make an payment to Unibet, please provide them the necessary details & proof of payment documentation in order for them to investigate & if needed, raise with the corresponding Worldpay team.
Thank you,
Jason Harris, WP Investigations
@JeppeL  @RayL  and now ? :wonder:
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@JeppeLToday the deposits didn't reached my account too, maybe tomorrow... @RayL gave me hope:

" Our colleagues have raised the priority of the case as well so I think it's safe to say that your funds will arrive early next week, if all goes well and they respond to our request in time. "

Anyway, I like to thank you guys for the continiuos assistance on the matter and the numerous other issues I experienced lately 😃  Without your help I'm lost...

Thanks to the tickets you gave me in advance I managed to play most of the MTTs I wanted, completed my missions and Moving On Up 😃

And most importantly my last poker session was a great success: three 1st places, two 2nd and few min cashes :atisfied:

The biggest win was in Multiverse €800 GTD:1264798707_800Multiverse.thumb.png.351a92afc4efaffdd55e1dcdab7e778e.png



I think now you should deduct the money for the tickets you gave me (€60 total) , so I'm not in debt. And I have enough trust in Unibet that the issue will be resolved and I'm not worried about my money being lost. Also I will take small break from poker now and I won't need much cash.

Thank you again 😃

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@GothMoth :) I'm happy to see you had a fruitful evening, congrats on your winnings.

I've followed up with the Payments Department regarding your deposit and they are following up on the deposits, it should be resolved soon.

About the 60 euros, there's no reason to rush it :) let's just wait for your deposits to arrive and we can deal with that then if that's ok with you as well.

Former Community Moderator
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