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proof of address verification


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Hi, I'm having issues with getting proof of address verified with this site. My passport ID was accepted without a problem, but proof of address has been an issue. First time I sent documents they got rejected because 4 corners weren't visible, so I scanned a full A4 page which was also rejected. I asked the online chat only for them to tell me that my document has to be a digital photo as opposed to a scanned image (?).

Unfortunately I don't have a digital camera, so I discovered I could export a .pdf from my online banking (complete with name date and address clearly visible) and sent that in seeing as though the verify page says .pdf documents are accepted. Not thirty minutes ago I spoke to help again and asked them if it would be possible to check if there are any issues, and the lady said they would look into it as soon as possible. I exited the chat, and five minutes later went onto my verification page and it says document was rejected because the text wasn't clearly visible?

I have the .pdf open right in front of me and there is no issue with the text or anything else, so I was wondering if somebody here could help me sort this out?

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Hi @parkerb123, and welcome to the Community :)

We contacted the UK security department and restarted the verification on your account. The declined document was due to the automatic system, an annoying bug which sometimes declines the document, that's when we manually approve it :)

Your account is fully verified and ready to go.


I wish you good luck here in the Community and on the main site alike.



Former Community Moderator
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