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Possibility of changing background according to game type.


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I'm already posted that idea maybe a half of an year ago, but I choosed the wrong topic (General Poker). @DavidP_Unibet gave me an answer, but there are no any news about that since October.

I think that it would be a great idea to add a posibility of changing background during the play. I mean, I want to see clearly am I playng a freezout tournament or a qualifier / SNG while playing more then four tables. Sometimes I made some small mistakes because of missreading the type of game I'm playing, it happens not very often, but I think everyone would agree that the game style is different in different games.

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it will help us a lot ! Sometimes when i have time , i just change the background from my settings with 1 minute before starting an event , and it's opening in new background. But it's not a good way to make a selection if u're multitabling.... Untill that moment i just make the important mtts bigger that the rest 😏

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