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Featured MTT's issue


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Hey @Leo-Unibet or @Chris-Unibet

I find it a really good idea to make the featured MTT's stand out (like the UOS ME and the Deep Impact), but the RED on the black is really triggering and hurting the eyes.

The orange and Yellow are okay and the green is borderline :)

I think the color should be a bit less saturated :) or the background should be adapted a bit. I don't know what the exact issue seems to be for me, but I think it's fairly annoying :(

Sorry for moaning :)


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@VikingsAF  The whole idea of those colored tournament namings is that they should stand out a bit and be easy to find, I'm sorry you feel désagréable watching the lobby, hopefully will you get used to it over time.

Actually the colors don't bother me at all, maybe it has something to do with your monitor Viking?

What other improvements are in the works for the Tournaments Lobby @Leo-Unibet?

Any chance of adding a favourites tab? 😏

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