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Europes 4-fold insurance promo,

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On Romania market we had this promotion for the games between 5-8 March(TC: 4 fold lost on only 1 selection with only 1x2 type, stake 60 Ron and total odss > 5.00; my bet was lost on Lazio, stake 15 euro* which is around 70 Ron and total odds @6.41)


It's not the first time when we(Romanians) don't the FreeBets or Risk FreeBets on time(it should have been before 19:00) and it's really weird and annoying, also for future promotions please show the stake requirement in RON/ USD/ EURO... 


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I can't find the link for the promotion but here a screenshot with it(tho it's in Romanian language)


PS. I don't mind waiting even a few days but when I see something like "if you're eligible for the offer,..., until 19:00", I feel worried that something went wrong... when it's a delay because of any reasons(now it's the StanJames merge...) it would be an idea to get a message/ email or something.

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You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind...
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@BillyR23, thanks for bringing this to our attention and apologies for any inconvenience caused by this.
Your free bet is credited now in your account, good luck with it :)
A hand full of customers experienced this issue and is mostly related to the Free Bet being added in RON and accounts are in Euro resulting in the ticked giving an error and not being added.
To my knowledge all players affected were credited :) including yourself now.

Cheers, thanks for letting us know and good luck!

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