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200 euro first deposit bonus questions


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 I have made my first deposit on Unibet 21 days ago and recieved a 200euro bonus for poker.

The bonus is cleared in 5 stages as 1 euro increment for 1st stage, 5 euro for 2nd stage, 15 for 3rd, 45 for 4th and the las 100 something for last stage.

I have almost cleared the 3rd stage with a few percent to go.Seeing how long it took to clear the 3rd stage I assume 4th stage will bet hrice as hard.

What is the fastest way to clear up bonuses without bowing my bankroll at higher stakes?

What type of games should I play ?MTT Sit ngo cash tables?

Thank you

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Hi and welcome to the community,

 Becasue the bonus is rake based I would try the following method: complete the march missions+moving on up promotion then change the €5MTT+€10 MTT (from the March mission step 2 and 4)+€10MTT (Moving On Up week 3)  to €25 cash game ticket and keep the €25 cash game ticket too. With those 2 ticket I would grind the NL25 limit with 4 buyins.


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Thanks for the reply.Unfortunately I already wasted the 5 euro MTT ticket.I will save the rest from now on but thanks for the advice, 25NL should be faster.

Accumulating +€5 in tickets (from the bonus shop or from twitch giveaways etc)not so difficult but If you can't wait the NL10 could be fine also.

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