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Odd Pence - small difference between fractional and decimal odds


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I'm a bit confused by some of the 'potential payouts' when placing a bet

On Sunday I backed Brighton 5.00 at 3/1 ...... the potential payout was quioted as 20.50

5.00 at 3/1 = 20.00 returned (I cashed out before the end of the game)

Where does the 50p come from ?

I've just put a fiver on AC Milan at 11/10 ......... return should be 10.50 but it says 10.60

where does the extra 10p come from ? ........

Am I missing something here ?............. not complaining at getting more than It should be but would like to know where these odd pence come from !

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Use decimal odds if you want it more accurate :)

The odds are with two decimals, so the fractional odds aren't 100 % accurate - for the fractional odds to be accurate down to two decimals, you'll need some crazy ones, which won't look great on the site. 

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As BonusPater mentioned, you wouldn't want the odds to be something like 345678/123546

It's good tough that they round the odds down, so the profit is always higher than the odd you choose

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Cheers guys ........ I think I've got this now !

Even though I've got the site set to show fractional odds Unibet always work in decimal odds so the fractional odds shown on the site are an approximation based on conversion of the decimal odds

and when you place your bet it's reonverted back to the decimal odds which might be a few pence different



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