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Re: 8-fold-€10,000 prize pool (draw) & community £200 competition


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Hi @JeppeL
can you check this promos terms and conditions.

This offer is only valid on matches taking place between 2nd - 4th March.

But,The prize draw will be held on the 12th February 2018.

I guess it is mistype.
Maybe that is date for Asgardian promo as it last till 11th March.

Edit by Jeppe-Unibet: Edited subject title to add competition info.

When can we expect the "8-fold" draw?

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@XY It could be due to the promotion guys wanting to be sure that all right data is collected and just make sure that everything is done. The thing about raffles is that once they're done, they're done - so we want to be sure to get everyone in :) Pretty sure we know who's directly head of this promotion, so we'll double check this with him Monday after noon, and there's an error we can have it corrected :)

Pretty cool promotion btw, I'll add a little impromptu side promotion along with it:

Here's how it's going to work:

  1. Place an 8 fold coupon under the same conditions found in the promotion description on Unibet.com.
  2. Post a screenshot of your coupon in this thread before all bets on it are settled.
  3. Get 6 out of 8 or better right on your coupon and we'll add a £10 Free Bet to your account.

I'll give this one a £200 prizepool, so a max of 20 players hitting 6 or better :)


Former Community Manager
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One question from me too, just to make sure :D

3) Pre-match (1X2) bets only.

Does that mean only 1/x/2  or 1x and x2 allowed too ?


Oh and btw on the romanian translation it says that the prizes will be drawn at 5 march :) so that answers the first question of this topic .

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Unfortunately my first ticket isn't valid in the raffle draw to 2.500 €, because one match postponed due to a tragic event in Fiorentina club. So, i must play another 8-fold, but really hope valid in this promotion my first ticket, that have 4 winner out of 5 game (or 5 out of 6 with postponed clash).  

My new ticket to raffle: 2ndtry.jpg.5f64cbee052f641a19bf59413c06b41c.jpg

 I hope no postponed more match... 


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I am in. :popeye:8-fold.thumb.png.2b112b1a45435249d7edf631521826f5.png


Overall satisfied,although Napoli could been avoidable.Reward was too low considering risk.

Second match would play again the same.

But hey,10€free bet+500€betting freeroll+draw :Ok:8fold.thumb.png.d3f12b46655ea9980517f72221c08c9f.png




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I don't know what's wrong with Unibet.for everybody this promotion is with 10 euros,but on romanian market is about 13euros.had some issues with bingo,when every player are reciving,for example a 2euro voucher from loyalty spin,romanians are receiving only about 1.7.

Is romanian market a "good milking cow" this days?


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Hi @Boby, I will follow up with the Romanian Bonus manager and Country Manager regarding the conversion data used to translate promotions for .com to regulated markets.

The Currency map we are using is updated regularly but as noticed it does happen that there are discrepancies. This does not mean that only Romania is affected, but all non euro markets.

Nevertheless you have a good point and thank you for bringing this to our attention, I will follow up on it and update you ASAP!


Former Community Moderator
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