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Further withdrawal issue


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Many thanks for fixing the verification withdrawal issue previously but i am now attempting to withdraw the cash and the card i deposited it from is not available to withdraw to, the card shows in the deposit screen but not the withdrawal screen.

Please can you help.



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@userfriendly For this one, we have to check with a UK specific team about a solution from our side, really sorry but promise we'll get in touch with them tomorrow! Right now the card has a designation stating it cannot be withdrawn to, but I'm not sure if that's an error or not. Have you withdrawn to the same card from StanJames before?

You could  try and withdraw to another card if you have one registered, but it would only work if the designation on the card used to deposit with cannot be changed. And if it doesn't work, there's chance of a document request because unnecessary change of cards - I don't want to get you or myself into trouble, so the safe bet is to wait until tomorrow when we can clear it up.


Former Community Manager
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Hi @userfriendly, We had a quick chat with the UK Security department and you can withdraw on VISA when it comes to your registered payment methods, these being the general rules to requesting a withdrawal on a credit card.
In the case of a Mastercard or Maestro, the withdrawal is not possible in most cases due to security settings which are mostly related to the provider of the card.
In short, using Visa for both deposits and withdrawals is the way to go :)
Let us know if you have anymore questions and we will gladly assist.

Former Community Moderator
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