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Final Table Hunters - No Camouflage Edition - Updated


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Hi Gang

Good news :) we are extending this promotion for the whole duration of the UOS Championship, or untill we run out of money. Feel free to post your screenshots whenever you make it to a final table within the Nano, Low or High (including Re buy's) 

Original post:

 "Participate in one of the Unibet Online Series tournaments, (Nano, Low, high and rebuy's) starting at 19:00 CET and 20:30 CET and make it to the final table, we will reward you with some Free Bonus Money."

Here's how it works:

  1. You must play the tournaments with an alias identical or very similar to your Community one.
  2. Take a screenshot of you sitting at the final table and post it in this thread.
  3. €500 worth of bonus money will be distributed between community players bringing screenshot trophies.
  4. The promotion ends when the €500 prizepool has been distributed.

Current pool =  :Cash:€385 :Cash:

 Payout table in the spoiler below         

High - €50 Bonus
Low - €25 Bonus
Nano - €10 Bonus



                                                                              Good hunting /html/images/emoticons/Asset1.png


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