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Welcome to the final dayCHIPS.thumb.jpg.e33d1afa723f63bec66ef7c4c7ec6c09.jpgGood morning and welcome to the Grosvenor Casino for the final day of the Unibet Open London Main Event.YONG.thumb.jpg.a8192488bed35ce456a18bd674a624f1.jpg

Last night we played down to a final table with Christopher Yong leading the rest of the players with a stack of 2,378,000. Oliver White find himself in second place more than a million behind with 1,325,000. 

The short stack at the table; Frenchman Tony Blanchandin will be hoping he can get an early double as only has a stack of 337,000 which is around 14bbs.

The unfortunate final table bubble boy was Danish player Nicolaj Bonnichsen, after Yong knocked him out to end the day and increase his chip lead. Tenth place was good for £5,480 however which is a great result in itself.

Up top in this event is over £65,000 and the title of Unibet Open London Main Event champion, and each and every one of the final tablers will be hoping that its their name that goes on the trophy!

Here is the seat draw for the final table which is due to get going at 12pm:

1Oliver WhiteUnited Kingdom1,325,00055
2Andreas WiborgNorway1,066,00044
3Jonathan SchumanUnited Kingdom1,130,00047
4Honglin JiangNew Zealand1,204,00050
5Thomas CazayousFrance735,00031
6Christopher YongUnited Kingdom2,378,00099
7Tony BlanchandinFrance337,00014
8Jussi VanhanenFinland1,217,00051
9Laurent PolitoFrance1,087,00045
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Cazayous out in ninth!38652706830_74e565ab1f_o.thumb.jpg.b8d2aef94767cb164cd5dc6cbb01e3ce.jpgWe have an early casualty here in London as Frenchman Thomas Cazayous has busted the Main Event after his aces were cracked by the T8 of Honglin Jiang.

In a hand where Andreas Wiborg raised pre to 60,000 with J♣️ J♠️ , Jiang decided to three-bet his button light with T♦️ 8♦️ to 270,000. 

Cazayous then picked up A♠️ A♦️ in the SB and had no other option other than to shove all in for 675,000. Wiborg made a great fold with his jacks, and Jiang went into the tank, before ultimately deciding he was priced in and made the call and saw the bad news.

The flop came Q♣️ 7♣️ 8♠️ and Jiang's hand gave Cazayous a slight sweat.

Turn: 9♣️ This brought more outs for Jiang and Cazayous now had to avoid a six, a jack, a ten or an eight to double up. 

But unfortunately for the Frenchman, the river brought the 8♣️ to give Jiang three of a kind and knock him out.

Jiang is now up to 2,000,000 and Cazayous takes home £6,300 for his efforts.

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Blanchandin out in eighth 

Tony Blanchandin has busted the main event in eighth place after not being able to get anything going with his short stack. 

Christopher Yong shoved blind on blind with K♠️ 8♥️ and Tony snap called with Q♣️ 5♦️

The flop brought two kings and Tony was drawing dead on the turn. He takes home £7,880 for his efforts.



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Vanhanen next to bust



Jussi Vanhanen has busted the main event in sixth place after a bad run of cards and hands sent him home.

One of the main hands in which the tables turned for Jussi was against British player Jonathan Schuman, when Schuman thought he'd found a great squeeze spot with K:Hearts: 5:Hearts:, only for Jussi to have A:Clubs: K:Clubs:

The flop of 5:Clubs: 5:Spades: T:Diamonds: and 6:Diamonds: turn and 4:Hearts: river saw Jonathan double up to 1,500,000 and Jussi down to around 30bbs with 1,200,000.

Then not so long later, he was involved in a pot with Yong in which Jussi flopped top pair and Yong flopped two pair. On the river Yong put out a pot sized bet which tormented Jussi and after tanking for a long time, he eventually folded but this hand put him down to 14bbs.

Then finally, he busted when Yong shoved on him blind on blind with K:Clubs: J:Clubs: and Jussi snap called with A:Diamonds: K:Hearts:, once again having the best hand.

However the flop was K:Diamonds: 4:Clubs: J:Spades: which left Jussi needing an ace, however the J:Hearts: turn had him drawing dead and left the river T:Clubs: inconsequential.

Jussi takes home £12,310 for sixth place.


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White doubles through Yong

Oliver White has taken the chip lead from Christopher Yong after they got involved in a 2,600,000 chip pot.

Yong four-bet shoved his JJ into the KK of White who snap called and got a safe run out for him to put a huge dint in Yong's stack.

Blinds are 30,000/60,000 with a 5,000 ante and amazingly, Yong is now in last place! But he still has over 30bbs so he's not out of it yet.

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Down to four!40432736722_fb5ba414e6_o.thumb.jpg.1623d9f787584aca5a02d33d883a5a97.jpgOliver White has busted the main event here in London in fifth place. 

After being chip leader at times throughout yesterday, he found himself down to three big blinds after he lost a huge flip to Jonathan Schuman, making him the new tournament chip leader.

White A:Clubs: K:Clubs: 

Schuman J:Clubs: J:Hearts:

Board: Q:Diamonds: 4:Diamonds: T:Spades: 5:Diamonds: 2:Clubs:

White's last few chips were taken by Honglin Jiang and White takes home £16,000 for his fifth place finish.

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Huge double for Wiborg!

Andreas Wiborg is the new tournament chip leader here in London, after Honglin Jiang doubled him up in a 3,700,000 chip pot.

Jiang raised pre to 180,000, to which Andreas three-bet to 465,000. Jiang four-bet shoved and Andreas snap called.

Honglin Jiang: J♦️ J♠️

Andreas Wiborg: A♣️ A♠️

Board: K♣️ 8♦️ 7♦️ 6♦️ 2♥️ 

The turn did bring a sweat for Andreas in the flush draw, but the aces held and Wiborg became the chip leader with over 3,700,000. Jiang is down to 1,400,000.

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Three handed!

We are down to three here in London, after Honglin Jiang shoved blind on blind with K♦️ 6♣️ and Yong called with A♣️ 7♠️.

The board came J♠️ J♣️ 5♦️ Q♣️ J♦️ and one of the more active players at the table Jiang has been eliminated in 4th place and takes home £20,800.

Players are discussing a deal currently, more info with that when they reach an agreement.

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We're heads upYONG.thumb.jpg.fbeb302a3e4583f576ce1b85ae34dd7b.jpgChristopher Yong, who started the final table as chip leader, has busted in third place here in London.

He was crippled down to three big blinds in a huge hand against Jonathan Schuman. 

Yong limped the button with K:Diamonds: Q:Clubs:, Wiborg completed the small blind with 9:Diamonds: 7:Diamonds:, and Schuman shoved a massive 26bbs from the big blind with A:Spades: T:Spades:, and somehow got a tank call from Yong!

The board came: A:Hearts: J:Clubs: J:Spades: 3:Spades: 4:Clubs: and Yong was all but gone, down to just three bbs.

He lost the last of his stack not long after, as Wiborg and Schuman checked his all in down to the river when Wiborg eventually bet with his aces full to a snap fold from Schuman, knocking out Yong in the process.

Yong takes home £28,080 for his third place finish but he played some tremendous poker over the last couple of days. A great result for him.

 Andreas Wiborg and Jonathan Schuman ware currently discussing a potential deal, whether they come to an agreement or not, they will still be playing for the title of Unibet Open London Main Event champion!

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It was almost all over!

Andreas Wiborg had the chance to win the tournament not long ago, as he called Schuman's three-bet shove with AK and Schuman sheepishly showed A5.

However, the river brought a double paired board meaning both players played two pairs on the board with an ace high kicker, meaning we chopped and carried on!

Chip counts:

Andreas Wiborg - 6,600,000

Jonathan Schuman - 3,300,000

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Wiborg is the winner!25612190127_1d3f628ee8_o.thumb.jpg.78b700bf567b9b2229857cd4107a44d2.jpgAndreas Wiborg has won the Unibet Open London Main Event 2018!

He defeated Jonathan Schuman heads up after a rather quick final table here at the Grosvenor Victoria Casino.

This was the definitive hand:

Andreas Wiborg: A:Hearts: J:Spades: 

Jonathan Schuman: A:Clubs: Q:Diamonds:

Although Wiborg had Schuman covered, this pot was essentially for the tournament, as the stacks had become quite even. 


40436943732_e928cd58b0_o.thumb.jpg.7c1a4bd3444d317228302c636e16e633.jpgThe flop brought 7:Diamonds: 8:Clubs: 9:Diamonds: to give Wiborg a gut shot to go along with his jack outs. The 9:Hearts: turn also brought chopportunities, but the J:Hearts: river gave Wiborg the win, the trophy, and an extra £6,500, earning £56,807 in total. 

Commiserations to Schuman who came second for £49,483 but still, another great result for the UKIPT Marbella main event winner from 2016.

Here is a list of the final table payouts:

1Andreas WiborgNO  £56,807
2Jonathan SchumanGB  £49,483
3Christopher YongGB  £28,080
4Honglin JiangNZ  £20,800
5Oliver WhiteGB  £16,000
6Jussi VanhanenFI  £12,310
7Laurent PolitoFR  £9,850
8Tony BlanchandinFR  £7,880
9Thomas CazayousFR  £6,300









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First community member to win a Unibet Open, I believe :D

I recognise him from when I played against him on the final table in Glasgow in 2016, and also seeing him at other events.  Don't know his community name. Just remember that he was a good player, although I suppose that is obvious now!

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@MetalWolf wrote:

@testuser1 I remember playing against him in Nottingham where we both cashed. Who is he on the community?

either way massive congrats to him I watched most of Day 2 on twitch and really enjoyed the commentary and coverage. Cheers @JoshBarkerPoker for the updates.

Big congrats @Wibbe - first final table appeareance(if memory serves me right) by a community member at a Unibet Open and you take it all the way, calls for a victory dance! :)

Former Community Manager
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Thanks @JeppeL @sgriff :) 

It was an amazing weekend. Never played better poker in my opinon, but also obviously ran very good as you have to do in big field tournaments. 

Unibet is the reason I entered the live poker scene and I think its very cool that I've started by grinding 1 euro satelites for UK tour and now have won Unibet Open :D 

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